Our consultation concentrates on the question of the reimbursement of payments for health services by health insurance funds. These are principally the services and products of the pharmaceutical industry, the diagnostic industry and medical technology. We examine the issues of unmet needs, benefit and cost-effectiveness, but always bear the client's individual wishes in mind. We have had more than 30 years of experience in this area.  

Together with the client, we develop conceptions and strategies, particularly in relation to the added value of the product and its value for society and for the patients (“Value Story”).

We are also glad to offer a second opinion (“proof reading”) or to obtain a second opinion. We then function both as mediator and catalyst. This often leads to a network.

Our work often gives rise to expert opinions. These are often not just internal documents, but may be properly published and presented to the public in lectures and press conferences.

Nutzenbewertung/ Erstattung/ AMNOG

Benefit Assessment / Reimbursement / AMNOG

Conceptions / Strategies

Added Value / Value Story

Second Opinion (Proofreading)

Reimbursement Opinion